29 Jul

Starred reviews

4 starsThere are a couple of big reviews coming out at the end of this week. In the meantime, this photo came from my editor. Four starred reviews for JELLYFISH! It’s wonderful, and it’s a relief, and it’s…honestly a little bewildering.

When I wrote this book, I wrote it alone — just me and some words that no one had ever asked for. I did not write it because I expected there would be a published book at the end of the line (I didn’t expect that, not even a little bit). I wrote it, because I couldn’t not write it. Even when I had a finished manuscript and my agent, Mollie Glick, sent it optimistically into the world, I thought, “eh, we’ll see.”  I figured that if JELLYFISH was to have any life at all,  it would be a small life. After all, Suzy, the narrator, is…quirky. She does strange and infuriating things. She’s obsessed with an alien creature. She doesn’t engage in witty dialogue…in fact, she doesn’t engage in any dialogue at all.

But here we are, and we’re hurtling toward publication date, and I am perplexed, and I am grateful. The line that keeps running through my head is from Free to Be You and Me — a line that’s spoken by that baby in the hospital in the moments after birth. “I don’t even know if I’m in a hospital or what. I’m just so glad to be here.”

I am glad to be here. I am glad I stayed in that room with those words. I am glad for these stars. I am glad for the feeling they give me, which — the best I can describe it — is one of being understood. But mostly, mostly, I am just so glad to be here.