I love meeting readers by visiting schools and/or arranging Skype visits! However, I’ve done so many of these lately that I’ve fallen behind on writing my next book. I’m taking a brief sabbatical from school/Skype visits while I catch up on my next project. I’ll get back on the road in April 2017.

In the meantime…

Would you like a signed copy of The Thing About Jellyfish? Place an order with Water Street Books. At checkout, there will be an opportunity to include a note. This can be used to request personalization. I’d want to know the individual’s name, but also anything specific about the person receiving the book. Are they curious or fearless? Do they love science? Or jellyfish? Or just reading?

If it’s about a potential book project, please start with my agent, Mollie Glick at Creative Artists Agency.

For general inquiries or comments please start with my organizer-in-chief Amanda Turner. She is fantastic and helps me stay focused on writing. She will also make sure I see each and every message. I promise.

I also love getting letters from readers!