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Have been writing, writing, writing, writing. One book hits editors’ desks today, and I’d be crossing my fingers if my fingers weren’t so busy…well…writing. Another book is mapped out in post-it notes on my office wall. Ideas that have been reduced to shorthand (“Nut Hut 1,” “Pale Blue Dot,” “Pee Disks,” “Heroes and Villains”) are […]

I have been writing. And I have been trying to remember some things. I have been trying to remember the advice that I give to a great group of students — a weekly writing club of fifth through ninth grade students with whom I meet each week — that the difference between a writer and […]

Emmy nomination

Jul 23, 2012

Update: we won! Apparently summer 2011 was well-spent. I spent it finding stories of hunger, then figuring out how to tell those stories, for Sesame Street’s Growing Hope Against Hunger. Last week, the show got an Emmy nomination. Coincidentally, I went out to Chicago last week to be the closing speaker for a Feeding America […]

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Once upon a time, when I was a fresh-faced college grad, ready to wow the world with my myriad literary talents, I wrote a manuscript for my then-employer. After the first draft, I thought to myself, “Okay, that’s done.” I figured it was good enough. It was fine. Time to move onto the next thing. […]

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Still running

Mar 26, 2012

“So I was standing in the basement of a funeral home last week, looking at these naked bodies laid out on the cold steel tables.” My sister was speaking. She was breathless. It was an unusually mild Thanksgiving day, and we were running. It should be noted: she says things like this, my sister. She […]

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Public “I”

Jan 20, 2012

This week, an article of mine appeared on Grist, and an article on the book, with lots of quotes from me, appeared in USA Today. Different audiences, different spins on the message, more or less. The message is this: feeding kids is hard — let’s stop judging one another, recognize we’re doing our best, and […]

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This post is about being wrong. It’s about sometimes being very, very wrong, even when you’re also sometimes very right. For me, this one started in a run-down vinyl-sided building on a cut-through road in the tiny New England city where American baseball started. I stood in a thrift store, one of my favorites, a […]

I wrote a guest post, Telling a Child’s Story of Hunger, on the Feeding America blog about my summer working with the Sesame Street team. My task was to find the real-world stories behind their muppet special on hunger in America. So many beautiful children out there, so many beautiful, struggling families. There’s love and […]

“Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

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